If you desire to brave the mysteries of a new world, gather some sustenance to keep up your strength, a thick blanket to keep you warm, and whatever supplies you think you may need as you venture forth into Utaemia, a realm where myths and legends come to life.  Come, enjoy the journey within this vast realm, under the narration of the Game-Master of your choosing. In this world, you can be the hero, or the villain. Enjoy.


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In the mid 80s, I began piecing together the ideas, dreams and nightmares that entertained and haunted me as a child. On March 5th, 1987 (time: 17:17:20) I began to write everything down, so I wouldn't forget.


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Kurn                                                                        Dimension Gate


Red and Blue Runes Skull (Secrets in the Wilderness) Faces of Chaos




Plane Gate



Zurkel Mainland:

     Starting out within the Cityport Navan (the north-most city), you will begin your adventure within a Grassland Region (a perfect setting for new characters).  You may begin by creating your own maps, as you will.  This is one of seven continents available for you to base your gaming experience within.  The choice is your whether you wish to use the maps or not.

      These are the continents that I have mapped out as the game dictated through random dice-rolls while playing.

     Note: Most of the area on the Zurkel Mainland (the map above) is blank.  The maps I personally keep are much more detailed, but they are based upon my own personal experiences as a Game Master (G.M.) as I've hosted thousands of players on adventures throughout the years.  To council you all to use the maps I've created would render this gaming system linear in effect (a type of gaming I do not enjoy).  This is why I do not laden players with quests.  There are quests that spring up from time to time during game-play, but they come about naturally during game-play.  You all must be free to discover your own civilizations, regions and secrets within Utaemia.


     If you have a question about game-play, feel free to email me.  I'll answer your inquires without further contact, unless you otherwise give me permission.  Relax and enjoy Guardians of Utaemia without the worry of being placed on obnoxious mailing lists.  I do no such things, and never will.

     Below are brief explanations of the sites on this continent:




CityPort Navan:

     NW of Telshire. This is the shipping district for the northern end of the Zurkel Mainland. Within this bustling city many of Utaemia's races come to buy, sell, trade, as well as merely visit.




     SE of Gaunten.  This is the location for the the continuing adventures of "Jinje, To Catch a Leprechaun". Edgewood is a Dark Forest Region.




     South and a little west of Iron Keep. This is the capital of the Zurkel Mainland.  King Nishane Asmond is the High King and ruler of this entire continent.





     SE of Telshire. A farming town.




Iron Keep:

     A massive citadel, crafted from a single piece of stone. Many of the Sardakk Elves have come here to defend the pass through the Iron Mountains (in case of invasion). It is rumored that Iron Keep was built in a single day by means of a wish. Whether this is true or not, this would explain it being a citadel constructed by one piece of stone.




Iron Mountains:

     Mid-continent. This massive mountain range spans from the Eastern shore to the Western shore.  It is nigh impossible to journey over, but there is one gap in this gargantuan mountain range at the center.  Iron Keep was build at the mouth of this pass to ensure protection from invading armies, should the continent be invaded.  Tremor Keep, a massive dwarven citadel, lies somewhere within the Iron Mountains, and is home to the feared and respected Kithrin Dwarf nation.




Port Salsbar, Port Sithrin, and Port Transil:

     The three Southern-most civilizations. There is not much information about these cities, other than the men of the north rarely venture into their territory.  While the inhabitants, and the rulers of this area respect King Asmond, they are slow to bow to his command (as will be depicted in "Mitcheio, The Essence of Eternity", a novel I am very excited to write (and another adventure I was taken on back in the 90s).




Sardakahn Citadel:

     SE of Iron Keep.  This is a Sardakk Elf stronghold and sanctuary within the Wasteland Region. "Sekali, The Sister City" is my first novel, created by notes taken during an adventure I was taken on by Travis Taylor, a competent G.M., and articulate storyteller. I am currently in the process of writing the second book in this saga.  There is no release date on this novel at this time.



Telridge Farms:

     SE of Goldshire. This is a five village community that supplies much of the northern continent with crops.





     SE of the Cityport Navan. A farming town.




Templar Islands:

     Out upon the Navarian Ocean, West of the City Port Navan, are a chain of four islands.  These yet remain unexplored, according to my maps and notes.





     Western-most civilization, south of the Iron Mountains.  It is only known that a nation of Vosk Elves rule within this Dense Forest Region.


















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