The Adventures of toby, the Little Blue Tractor
"The Factory"

By Michael G. Giles

Copyright © 2009 By Michael G. Giles All rights reserved. None of the information in The Adventures of Toby, the Little Blue Tractor, "The Factory", may be reproduced in any way shape or form, or by any means, without express written consent by the author, Michael G. Giles

Once upon a time there was a factory far, far away from the small town of Farmridge where The Man in The House lived. The factory made tractors for all the farmers in the land. It was a very busy factory where many people came to do what they did best: Build tractors. It was the workers business to take special care with every tractor they made.

One day, after putting a Little Blue Tractor together and making sure it was perfect, a worker drove it out onto the lot and parked it near some other new tractors. He turned its engine off and jumped down happily, taking a white cloth out of his pocket. While he whistled a merry tune he rubbed down The Little Blue Tractor, polishing its beautiful new paint. As he ran the cloth across The Little Blue Tractor a feeling of happiness came over him. He could not help but sing this song:

Little Blue Tractor was made by me
Glistening happily by my side

Beautiful paint so blue and neat
Come take him for a ride

With that the worker laughed merrily and continued singing:

I made you with these aged hands
And I shall make some others

Happily youll be tilling some land
Maybe with one of your brothers

The worker smiled from ear to ear and stepped back to look at his latest work. The Little Blue Tractors beautiful blue paint sparkled in the warm rays of the sun. The worker noticed that the tractor seemed to . . . smile. He laughed and said in high spirits, Well, my Little Blue Tractor, I hope you will be happy when you find your new home. Goodbye little friend.

After the worker was gone and The Little Blue Tractor knew he was alone, he opened one eye just enough to peek out at the wide world he was now a part of. He felt warm all over and inside. He liked the worker a lot; hed always been very kind to him.

The Little Blue Tractor peered this way and that, seeing a whole new world he did not know. It was kind of scary, but exciting too. He peeked around him so as not to be noticed, for he was shy and was afraid to be seen. He did not know anyone and he had no friends.

As he looked around, he noticed many farmers walking about looking at all the tractors. There were red and green tractors and many others different in color, types and sizes. Wow, he didnt feel so alone after all.

As he watched all the others being admired, he noticed a tall man walking towards him. He shut his eyes tightly, hoping the tall man did not see him staring. The tall man scratched his head and looked at The Little Blue Tractor. Suddenly he smiled from ear to ear.

Ill take this one! He called loudly. A man cam over and took some money for the Little Blue Tractor and called out to another man, who came over and climbed up and started the Little Blue Tractor. He drove it up onto a flat bed trailer and shut off the tractors engine. Jumping off, the man secured the tractor to the trailer carefully and shook the tall mans hand and walked away, whistling happily.

On the way to his new home, the Little Blue Tractor smiled happily, feeling the wind rush by. He was on his way to his new home. He couldnt wait to see what it would be like. He was so happy to be part of a family. Shutting his eyes, he fell asleep and did not awaken until his engine was started. The tall man drove him carefully back wards and then put it in gear and parked the Little Blue Tractor under the eve of his home. Then the man went into his house, but not before turning and stating happily, I shall name you Toby, The Little Blue Tractor. Good night Toby! With that, the man entered his house and shut the door.

Toby looked around, taking in a huge field of dirt and a barn. In the distance he could see a forest. The forest grew right up to the edge of the large dirt field. Happily he looked it all over again and again.

With a happy sigh, Toby became very tired and fell into pleasant dreams of digging and helping the man in the house plant a whole field of corn. What tomorrow would bring, only tomorrow would tell.

The End