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Webpage Error:



Hi Michael! When I tried to download your big game, I received this message, “Page cannot be displayed”. I tried again and got the same message. I waited until the next day, and it worked fine. Having problems?



If an page error occurs when you attempt to download anything from my site, I may be uploading to the site.  The longest it takes me to upload my largest file is about 25 minutes.  So, after a little bit, try again.


Author’s note:

This was done in Windows7 (I’ll recreate this instance for WindowsXP and post it soon)

When downloading anything, if you click “OPEN”, instead of “SAVE”, the download box will vanish. You can allow it or cancel it. This is up to you.


To cancel it, press and CTLR + ALT, then tap the DEL key once.

A window will pop up with some options.

Left-click “START TASK MANAGER”, then click the “APPLICATIONS” tab at the top.

In the list will be a blue E (to the right will read, “Challenger Games: Homepage – Windows Internet”).

To the right that, it will say “Running”.

Left-click the blue E (this will highlight it).

Then left-click “End Task” at the bottom of the Task Manger window. This will cancel it.


When I first do the CTRL + ALT, DEL, my Norton Anti-Virus pops up with the following message:

“A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer”.

There are two choices: “Allow”, “Don’t allow”.


Choosing “Allow”: A window will pop up with the files and folders of the download you want.

You can navigate the folders as normal. Double-clicking any of the PDF files will launch the Adobe Reader to view that file only (navigating the books in the normal manner is not possible in this mode -- only one file at a time can be viewed – the bookmark links do not work). You can left-click and drag the files and folders off onto your desktop (or the location you choose), which will download them unzipped. The choice is up to you how you wish to do it.