The Ardenoth’s features are that of humans.
     The Ardenoth carry an heir of quiet soberness; an almost regal heir and dignity about them. They are stern and serious creatures, but enjoy amusement at times of relaxation (just as any other of the races do in their own way).
     The race of the Ardenoth are very rare indeed. These are actual Vampires that are born with all the abilities of the undead, yet they are not classified as Undead. Take special notice that when an Ardenoth infects a creature, the creature infected will then be classified as an Undead (meaning undead in the sense that most speak of). All the attributes of an Undead Vampire will be forced upon the bitten (if infected). Once a person has become an Undead Vampire, he or she will have the same abilities as does an Undead Vampire; also the same curse.