Lykkinnin, Lycanthrope, Wolden:

     This race is more friendly than their cousins, the Worath.  They do not wish their secreted race to be discovered, and will go to great pains to keep their presense a secret.  They are slow to accept outsiders, but will, on occaision, befriend those who can be trusted to keep their identity a secret.

     Howling: Wolden Lycanthrope will always howl to each other over great distances, signaling a find. The Wolden, like the common wolf, is a pack hunter. When they have located prey, they will fill the air their ghastly, unnerving, cries. This is communication among themselves during the hunt. When a victim is being pursued, the Wolden will give a signal with a howl. Others will rush to a certain destination, setting up a relay to catch larger more powerful prey, thus using each other to chase and hunt quarry over long distances.