Lykkinnin, Lycanthur, Norst`Kin:

In humanoid form the Norst`Kin Lycanthur seem to be common folk: Dark-brown, light-brown mix hair. Their darker complection adds to their mysterious nature. But their eyes of icy-blue are a rarity in the human trait, thus the hint of their true identity.

Norst`Kin Lycanthur love the solitude and peace of forested regions. They do not want anything to do with the outside world, and will go to any measure of action to prevent the world from knowing of their existence.

Norst`Kin are very protective of their own kind, defending each other with their lives.

It is a falsehood that Lycanthur are ravenous creatures, stalking the lands in search of blood and carnage; this is a lie. As in any race and culture, there is good and bad to be seen. Lycanthur are no different.

In their society and cultural ways, the Lycanthur males totally dominate the females. This is enforced without resistance; for resistance means banishment from society.

Culture information:
To bend the right paw to the ground, the backside of the paw down, indicates a respectful bow.

Expert in the fields of: Stealth.