Alien Frontier:



Log date: 2102:

     During a critical Advanced Technology Exploration Kore (ATEK) board meeting, humanoid mech robots ascended from the skies. They landed at the doorstep to the main underground ATEK science laboratory, and were instantly met with armed resistance. Advanced Intelligence Mechs (AIM) fought to suddue; not one human was killed in the conflict. They suffered no losses in breeching ATEK's main laboratory.

     In the ensuing conflict, AIM deployed sleeping gases and stormed the science laboratory, quickly locating ATEK leaders during their meeting.

     In the conflict that raged underground, AIM captured all who resisted. Even though AIM sustained heavy damages to over half their invading force, not one was lost.

     It was evident the goal of AIM was not to destroy the compound, but to ensure its stability and safety.

     In the years which followed, trust was built between AIM and ATEK, and an alliance was formed. The objective of AIM was to teach new science to this small band of humans and aid them in building a ship that would permanently sustain them in space.

     AIM's goal was to save the human race. Why, no one knew up to that point. The construction of this massive ship would never have been possible without AIM's assistance.


Log date: 2113:

     By the year 2113, it is evident mankind will not see peace. Nuclear missiles have been launched, signifying the beginning of the end for the population of earth. Ninety-thousand nuclear missiles are in flight.

     With the aid from AIM, Advanced Technology Exploration Kore (ATEK), once called NASA, technology was increased to an astounding degree. We are secretly ready to deploy the first 300,000 man Nebula Star Ship, Galactus, into space.

     The ship breaks up through the earth with tremendous power and begins to ascend into the heavens. You are watching through your private quarters window as Galactus leaves earth. Iit is unknown whether you will ever return. As you see mushroom clouds blanketing every landmass in sight, it is evident, the ability for Earth to now sustain life has been lost.

     As you watch earth becoming smaller and smaller, you see the smoke and pollution that covers the entire face of the planet, brought on by perpetual war. Brilliant pinpoints of light begin to dot the planet's surface, signifying another mass volley of nuclear strikes. Kings and Presidents of nations have proven unwise in bringing any degree of peace between each of their nations. In fact, now, it is obvious, the opposite has transpired.

     It is a time of great sorrow for you, yet also a time of hope. One of the mech's you have personally worked with for the last 11 years stands by your side, a mechanical hand upon your shoulder.

     "We are sorry for your world, Human. We have done what could be done to aid you." Gently squeezing your shoulder the large mech kneels beside you, pulling its gaze from a shrinking world to you.

     "You are safe now. Our mission is acomplished. We will stay with Galactus, for our treaty is forever unbreakeable.  You are safe."  Staring into its almost real eyes, you sigh.

     "I will speak for myself. I am grateful you came. I owe you my life. Thank you." The mech nods and stands, gazing down at you for a few moments, then leaves you alone.

     You watch the complex machine leave, and it makes you wonder what the future will hold.  As military, you are not sure what your part will be, or even if there can be one forged. Once thing you do know: The lives of the crew on Galactus depend on your efforts. And, like the mech that just walked out, your goal is to see them safe.

     As Galactus soars out into space, earth diminishes until it is a mere pin prick. Then, your home planet vanishes altogether. A journey - a new hope - has begun.


     Good luck soldier . . .