Seeker Abilities and Spells (Character Studies):

Random Character Determination Chart

Animationist: * [Class Description] Magician:  
Argonaught: * [Class Description] Elemental Magician: * [Class Description]
Assassin: * [Class Description] Locust Magician: * [Class Description]
Bard: * [Class Description] Magician: * [Class Description]
Conjurer: * [Class Description] Monks:  
Deminaught: * [Class Description] Shintar: [Class Description]
Divinationist: * [Class Description] Vekkarian: * [Class Description]
Druid: * [Class Description]


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Empath: * [Class Description] Mystic: [Class Description]
Enchanter: * [Class Description] Necromancer: * [Class Description]
Fate: * [Class Description] Psychic: * [Class Description]
Forest-Knight: * [Class Description] Recorder: [Class Description]
Gladiator: * [Class Description] Shaman: [Class Description]
Guardian: * [Class Description] Spiritualist: * [Class Description]
Healer: * [Class Description] Supernaturalist: * [Class Description]
Illusionist: * [Class Description] Thief: * [Class Description]
Juggernaught: *

[Class Description]

Trainer: * [Class Description]
Light Weaver: * [Class Description] Warrior: * [Class Description]


* Playable in 1st. web draft.

Classes with no * or ** are not yet started. They will have a sheet, but it's just a copy of another for editing purposes.





One who animates or creates things from non-living material to serve the caster.

The Animationist can manipulate the physical structure of the elements of earth, stone, ice, etc.


The Anicationist is strange, in he or she can control the non-living matter -- the "building blocks" of the earth.

They are in tune with the non-living substances of Utaemia, considering them as alive as any other

living, breathing creature.


The Animationist aids these elements to animate and move - on occasion - empowering them to become

independent life forms of their own.

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A warrior who has proved worthy can advance into the realm of the Argonaught, adding to his or her physical stature and prowess.  The Argonaught possesses formidable abilities which combine with that of the Warrior he or she once was.


The Argonaught is a councilor to those within a Warrior's Guild (under the direction of the Warrior Guild master).  When they make their presence known to a Warriors Guild, the Guild Master, or his or her personal guards, will come to give an escort and tour of the guild, all the while seeking council together.


The Argonaught can transform into a bear.  The shared version of Guardians of Utaemia  only allows the Argonaught the ability to shift into the following bears: Common Black, Common Brown.


Argonaughts can be highly involved within the structure of all main political systems of power.  

When they join forces with a political faction, they can become a strong asset to its leaders.


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A Born hunter and predator, the Assassin is always on the lookout for prey, especially if he or she can take down their quarry without being known to them.


It is known that Assassins are evil, summoned and bribed in the confines of veiled shadow to perform heinous works of death.  Assassins are evil men and women bent on secret murder and gain, leaving their destructive and fearful marks for many to look upon.  The Assassin makes a living from those who would hire . . . for a price.


Not all assassins are evil.  To counter the assassin, the Anti-assassin was created to oppose and stem the tide of murder and bloodshed the assassin has been wreaking upon mankind.  They work for a people who distrust and despise them as much as the Assassin . . . and so they too stalk the shadows, keep a silent vigilant watch over a people who would see them hang from the gallows as well as their quarry.


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Adept in the ways of the entertainer. The power of Bard Songs have magical powers that weave into the playing of instruments, singing, powerful chants and even dances.

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A dangerous path for any who travel it. By means of arcane inscriptions, and the symbolic placing of artifacts and relics, the conjurer can force a rift, or an opening within the very substance of the dimension or plane he or she casts within. From this opening are forced enchanted and magical creatures to do the bidding of the conjurer. This is risky, as those creatures conjured detest being forced to do a mere mortals bidding.


Strange in the social scheme of things. The conjurer is a social outcast among the normal societies of utaemia. They meditate upon the many life forms that encompass not only the earthen plane, but all dimensions and planes. They are deeply rooted into exploring all forms of life, both using them in times of need and making pacts and deals with those powerful beings most of which mankind fears and shuns.


The Conjurer is deeply interested in socializing with the myriad of creatures in all the dimensions and planes of Utaemia. They do not see them all as united, but, in certain circumstances, necessary, even needed. The Conjurer relishes the power he or she has in bringing/forcing life forms from their natural environments to serve him or her.


In forcing the conjuration of other creature, especially due to forcing them into service, does not bode well socially with the conjurer.... there are different paths of the conjurer, one is a more inviting path, rather than forceful... but that is up to the player, and is an even more precarious path.


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The league of the Deminaught is highly involved within the structure of all main political systems of power.  They are a strong force for the power and success of any kingdom.  Their history proves their prowess amidst adversity.


The Deminaught is a physical force of power to be reckoned with. There is might in his or her blade, power in the mind, body and spirit. This is the final phase of the once warrior he or she had begun so long ago.


Far greater than the warrior, argonaught and juggernaught, the Deminaught can transform him or herself into the enchanted Deminaught Dragon.


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Holy spell-caster; a Seer. One who follows this path can sense and even depict the future.


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Druids are the caretakers of the woodlands and of the animal kingdom. One can say that a druid has nature at his or her fingertips.


Amongst their many responsibilities, Druids are, at times, the ambassadors between civilized man and the uninhabited wilds. Druids have increasing power within woodland areas, especially if he or she is the permanent caretaker.


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Casters of the mind, yet unlike the psychic. The Empath deals with emotions, mood and the more surface thoughts of the mind and heart.


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The binding of magics and enchantments into items is the power of this class. The enchanter is a valuable asset to an adventuring company, or any kingdom. They are highly sought after.


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These are akin to spell-casters, but are not actually casters of magic. They invoke decrease of power upon the just and the unjust, the good and bad . . . blessings and woes.


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The Forest-Knight is dedicated to the wilds, in which they are at home. Often do they ally themselves with the druid.


Adept in the arts and ability to spy and watch an enemy within arms reach, this class prowls like the cat and hunts with greater skill than the wolf, all the while upholding the laws of the forest . . . their sanctuary.


As the druid, Forest Knights rarely take part in the political affairs of mankind (unless it effects them or an allied druid in some way).


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The Warrior of the fight. The Gladiator is skilled in the art of fighting, giving and sharing in their abilities when fighting along side allies. The Gladiator feeds upon all battles, relishing in victory (whether to the death or not).


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     Guardians are protectors. They hire themselves out to others as wardens and physical shields. The Guardian's life is one of faithful servitude as protection is given.


     One can become a Guardian only if The Guardians Test has been passed in the Guardians Tower. This test is a trial given to one who desires the path of the Guardian. The Guardians Test can be mental, spiritual, physical, social, written, etc. It can be anything the G.M. decides the potential Guardian needs. If failed, the Guardians Test cannot be taken again for one full year.


     One will have three chances to succeed the Guardians Test. If failure occurs on the third time, the Guardians Test may never be taken again.


Political involvement of the Guardian:

The Guardian is highly involved and sought after in many political affairs.


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This spell-caster is one who can heal wounds, relieve insanity, even bring back the dead. The Healer is strongly prized as a companion on dangerous journeys. Simply, the Healer is revered.


They are usually the highest paid of all characters as their assistance is of uttermost value. Even enemies will rarely slay a Healer if they are aware of his or her presence, so valued they are.


When one wishes to follow the path of the Healer, and take of the Pledge of Oaths, he or she is taken before The Council. The Council will lay before the one the Pledge of Oaths which will be abided by for life. One who seeks the Healer's path will speak the Pledge of Oaths, vowing to live by them:


Pledge of Oaths:
Never harm or take a life without just cause.
Always lend a healing hand.
Be not biased.
The life of another is more precious than my own.


After reciting the Pledge of Oaths, all at the ceremony will sing the Song of Hope:


Song of Hope:
By Arial Anarias I seek the few
Who stand in need of life


Her will her pleasure alone, I do
To ease all pain and strife


My hands now clean as fallen snow
No blood of man doth stain


Her will alone, I seek to know
From vanity refrain


All races are as one another
All no less than kin


Not unlike our Jahtha Mother
Life's journey, I begin


     A feast is celebrated in honor of the one who has undertaken this lifetime oath. The Oath-taker is welcomed into full fellowship and support, empowered to move the cause of Arial Anarias, Jahtha of Healing and life.

Political involvement of the Healer:
     Healers work the affairs of mankind, for at the end of their service lies the reward, which is to be taken to Arial Anarias. A Healer's greatest gift to others is in selfless acts of service.


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Caster of the art of elusive visual manipulations and trickery.


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Greater than both Warrior and Argonaught with increasing abilities at lower and mid-range levels. The Juggernaught can transform into a Rock Troll.


The Juggernaught is a traveler, a wanderer, roaming wherever he or she finds ground to walk on, or sea to traverse and explore. Juggernaughts record their explorations, taking note of every important detail.

Political movement of the Juggernaught:


The league of Juggernaughts are highly involved within the structure of all main political systems of power, carrying out the orders of their superiors.


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Light Weaver


Caster of light and darkness. Darkness is a light, less refined than light in its brighter, or more brilliant, stages of being. The Light Weaver knows light for what it is, manipulating it to his or her benefit.


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Magicians delve into the very heart of magic. They seek to understand the boundaries of the arcane mysteries that be. They are adept at magical travel such as transporting goods and others to other places, or constructing replicas of self or others. They are the less combative source of caster, yet can be a force to be reckoned with.


Political involvement of the Magician:
Kings and powerful military often seek the aid of Magicians due to their prowess intellectually. They mostly will serve as advisors, lending direct aid in times of need. They are often recruited to stand as secondary guardians to those of political standing.


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Magician, Elemental


Caster of the elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and more. The elemental magician can call down lightning from the heavens, or cast it from his or her hands. The elemental magician can also manipulate the elements of earth to cast acid and chemical-like substances at a foe, or use as a tool.


The Elemental Magician is the more combative type of caster within all the magician classes.


The Elemental Magician is the fighter class of spell-casters. At lowers an Elemental Magician will usually be accompanied by stout warriors, acting as shields for his or her protection. As the Elemental Magician gains in power, they have been known to begin traveling about the land on their own, adventuring far and wide.


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Magician, Locust


The Locust Magician is a caster that deals specifically with the insect kingdom. These casters can call upon all insects to aid them against an enemy, support an ally, or to use as help. Their unnerving powers which call upon the kingdom of insects, both great and small, make them a terrible foe.


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Monk, Shintar


The forms of martial arts this class practices are strictly defensive in their ways. There is NO offense in their techniques. They seek balance that exists in all things. And above all, they seek peace.


The way of the Shintar Monk is the way of the peaceful warrior, seeking to disarm situations rather than spill the blood of another. Their goal is to find the center of the universe within themselves by balancing their thoughts, emotions and their physical body.


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Monk, Vekkarian


This form of martial artist are strictly offensive in their ways. Do not confuse this as do the ignorant peasants do, for
when they think of an offensive art, they think of those who would start fights, and enjoy the combat. This is not so.
The purist Vekkarian Monk seeks the “balance” that exists in all things. And above all, they seek mastery over self.


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The Mystic is a more powerful form of Shaman. This character type is a continuation of the Shaman, and delves into mysteries and terrible, powerful, forms of magic. This path is not to be taken lightly, for some that traverse this path are devoured in its ways.


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The Necromancer is one who deals with the dead. They delve deep into the darker arts of magic. Do not confuse this with evil . . . for this is not most Necromancers intentions.


The art of the dead is aligned with the darker things in life, yes, but it deals not "evil" as it is stereotypical judged. The path of evil is a sought after path, just as good is. What one does with this darker power will depict his or her align, not the using of necromancy itself.


They say that one who studies the art of death eventually becomes swallowed up therein, becoming like unto the dead they study . . . there are many possibilities in this.


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Psychics deal strictly with the mental aspects of magic. Their dealings within the realms of the conscious and
subconscious mind make them formidable opponents not to be taken lightly.


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Recorders are historians; recorders of events. They have powers granted them to accomplish this, sometimes, difficult task.


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Shamans deal with the metaphysical magics of spirit and body. They are exorcists and conjurers of the supernatural forces that be. Shamans have many other powers that are quite unnerving to the common people of the earth.


See: "Mystic".


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These spell-casters deal directly with spirits, poltergeists, phantoms and all other forms of spiritual creatures. They are a most frightening class to spend any amount of time with, and there are few who can stand their presence for long periods at a time.


Being a spiritualist connects the soul of the life of one who follows such a perilous path. They are socially disconnected and strange. They are not the kind to make idle chat. Their presence alone causes the living much discomfort, especially within the ranks of the "ignorant". They earnestly strive to learn/feel/take-part-in how the dead connect with the living, taking special interest in how the one effects the other.



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This form of spell-caster is closely tied to the happenings of supernatural things. They are more sensitive to the mysterious and hidden things of the world, having an inner eye for detecting them.


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The thief is the most hated character type within society. They cause innumerable losses of money and valuables per year. But they thrive on this, and it drives them on to taking chances that a group of well armed Warriors would not.


Being masters of disguise, and very slippery, has kept their hidden clan from becoming extinct, for they are hunted, and great bounties are placed upon their heads often.
Thieves will build a guild in any climate or setting.


When a thief is trained in all the arts of the trade he is shown secret hand signals and patterns of speech which will alert all thieves that he or she comes in contact with of knowing of their presence. When this is done, this means that a thief wishes to speak with the master thief in the area. Every thief knows the signs of secret communications. This is how they communicate without giving themselves away.


When a Guild Master Thief has aided his students in their development, he or she then turns them lose on society to see who will become master of shadow, and who will not. Master thieves collect 25% of all of the profits from each and every thief night and day. While fees are collected, his or her Guild becomes rich.


If a thief wishes to be free of his or her guild, a high price must be given for the freedom. It is not wise to dessert a Master Thief; they have many eyes which observe.

Political involvement of the Thief:


None. But high level thieves are always on the lookout for opening positions in the political "market". Thieves enjoy "the game", as they call it, of placing themselves in high positions, thus taking advantage of the masses.


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The Trainer has the amazing abilities to train certain creatures in the most extra-ordinary ways.  With the Trainer's Whip (enchanted weapon), the Trainer can successfully go up against powerful creatures without the blade, or the spilling of blood.


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The Warrior is a common front line fighter. In wars and large scale battles, warriors are the bulk of all forces present within a kingdom.


If a Warrior is part of a guild, and war breaks out on the continent, or an allied nation, a request will be sent foremost to his or her guild for aid. Warriors have indispensable abilities and strengths.


Political involvement of the Warrior:
Warriors play a common role in the political affairs of all militaries and kingdoms. They are in charge of all open defensive and offensives against an invading, or challenging, force. Warriors are the bulk force of any stronghold and military encampments.


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