Basic Rules:

Section - A

Section - B

Section - C

Section - D

Section - E

Section - F

Section - G

Section - H

Section - I

Section - J

Section - K

Section - L

Section - M

Section - N

Section - O

Section - P

Section - Q

Section - R

Section - S

Section - T

Section - U

Section - W


     You DO NOT have to read this entire book to play this game; it is NOT neccessary.

     When you have questions on game-play, research my own ideas on how things should be done by the using this book -- these are merely suggested rules.

     If anyone can think of a better method of going about a rule, I'm all ears.

     To enjoy Guardians of Utaemia far outweighs the need to debate and interpret rules, thus wasting game-play time.



What the G.M. lays out as a rule, that will be the rule. Also remember that creating house rules is a neccessary part of gaming. But if you make a house rule, you need to stick with it.



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