First Things First:

This section is a very basic overview:

Choose a Game Master (G.M.).  The G.M. is one who will present an adventure for a group, guiding them on a quest, presenting situations during game-play adventure.  An adventure can be created beforehand for quicker play, or the books can be randomly followed to naturally mold an adventure.  Guardians of Utaemia is designed to randomly create regions and continental borders, eventually mapping out an entire world structure.


The G.M. will study and learn how this gaming system works.  The books DO NOT have to be read all the way through to be understood.  This is the only book that must be followed all the way through, as it is a step-by-step character creation process which will guide each player through the creation of a character, as well as give references on how to get started, and what to do after the character creation process.  All other books are resources and tools to aid and enhance game-play.


It is the responsibility of the G.M. to present his or her players with quests and encounters.  The players will have to deal with situations created by the G.M., or by the daily checks within the charts which are used.  The G.M. will sensor and enforce the rules of the game as well as add his or her creativity to game-play.


Each player will need the following:

Calculator: The Calculator can be simple as it is used for base 10 math calculations.

Dice: A full set of gaming dice.  You will need the following:


One 4, one 6, one 8, two 10 (for your % dice), one 12,one 20 and one 30 sided dice.

These can be purchased at most gaming/hobby shops.


Gaming Mat: One gaming mat with 1" graphs is the best to use (hexagon and octagon will also work). Chessex makes excellent gaming mats.


Miniatures: One or more miniatures that will represent you or a creature during game-play.

Pencil and Eraser: A .5mm pencil with a clicker eraser (don't use a common eraser; it smudges).

Tablet: Used for keeping notes and for scratch paper.


The decision of where the adventure will begin must be decided.  It is wise to begin all players in the CIVILIZATION Setting within the "Grasslands Region" as the G.M. sets the stage, presenting each player=s background to him or her.  Let each player make up their own background to save time, which is also quicker and more creative.


If you have any questions about a ruling, just open up the Basic Rules Book and look up the subject you wish information on (the headings are all in alphabetical order).  With the exception of the Creating the Character Book, this entire gaming system is one huge index (everything is indexed in alphabetical order)  For the G.M., the Creating the Character Book is a good one to read through.


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