Game Master, Roll of the:

The Game Master (G.M.) will watch all players roll up characters.  Players may not make a character without the knowledge of the G.M.  There will be some cases in which a player can be trusted to make up his or her own character fairly.  But it really helps the flow of the game if the G.M. knows all characters inside and out.  This way the G.M. will not throw too difficult an encounter at the players.  G.M.: You must act out all encounters if you are to have a good experience with this game.  You are the back bone and success of this adventure.  It will be up to you to enforce the `improv (on the spot dialog) based upon the events that will transpire during game-play.


Situations will be created at the discretion of the G.M., who must build and expand on them.  Be creative.  Let your imagination flow into the world of fantasy until you understand how to do this without hints and prods.


Once each person has finished making a character, and the game has been initiated, allow them to explore as they wish.  Don't limit them to your own ideals.  The books are set up to lead into adventures.


Rules will be strictly enforced by you, the G.M., and it will be up to you to make sure your players abide according to those rules.  The results of all situations, actions of creatures and company explorations are perceived and dictated by the Game Master, so be logical and fair in those decisions versus the circumstances, whether they be natural or super natural happenings.


You will always be adjusting encounters to be a challenge for players.  If there aren't enough players available, play one or two characters yourself to keep the balance in the game.  A character played by the G.M. is known as a "Silent Character".  This type of character will not actively help out in decisions and choices for the adventure, but will be a support for the group to keep the balance of the adventure.  Also, a player can act out more than one character if you wish them to.


You are the master of the cold hard lands, the pleasant valleys, the high mountains, the high seas, the biased villagers, and the pleasant city folk.  Indeed, you are the friendly peasant aiding the company in its goal.  You are the secret band of thieves living in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to . . . well you know what thieves do!  You are the insidiously evil creatures lurking in the darkness.  Whether for good or ill, you, the G.M., are all things in and  under the heavens, and you must play them all before your friends with realistic fervor.  Create scenes for your players which they will never forget.  Get them enthralled in the game and you will have a grand adventure!


At some point in time one player may know something that the others would not.  Write a note and pass it to that player.  This builds on the suspense, making game-play more exhilarating.  As my friends and I test-play this gaming system, we use an instant messenger to do this.


Note for the players:

Roll-playing takes a little while to perfect, though once you get the hang of it, it is very exciting.  You must place yourself in the situation of your character and, in effect,  be him or her.  Play act as though you are really searching through a castle and your mission is to confront and over-throw a powerful enemy and save a ravished land from darkness.  You are actually the hero for whatever side you choose to follow, whether it be for good or evil. 


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