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Damage-points, Base:

Damage-points, Explanation of:

Damage-points per level advanced


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Damage-Points per level advanced:


     Every time you advance a level, you will roll a D4, D6, D8, D10 or D12, depending on your race type. See your race in the following list for the damage-points you will gain per level:


Ardenoth: D12
Ardinnin: D12
     Harritt`Catur (Panther Humanoid): D10
     Hiskin`Catur (Common Forest Lynx Humanoid): D8
     Homin`Catur (Savanna Desert Cheetah Humanoid): D8
     Liskin`Catur (Arctic Tiger Humanoid): D12


     Kandor: D12
     Tyrin: D12


     Kithrin: D10
     Sha’Qual: D10


     Aldarian (Tree Elf): D8
     Amalagon (Jungle Elf): D8
     Eldishar (Enchanted Forest Elf): D8
     Kithillian (Magic Elf): D8
     Magandian (Beautiful Elf): D8
     Mirellian (Dark Forest Elf): D8
     Mystic (Spirit Elf): D8
     Sardakk (Wastelands Elf): D8
     Vosk (Wood Elf): D8


Gargoyle, Common: D12
     Arikan (Vulture): D8
     Karritch (Crow): D8
     Mashuri (Eagle): D8
     Sagen (Owl): D8
     Shakra (Falcon): D8
     Shiim (Raven): D8
     Vijjarra (Hawk): D8


Human: D8
Leviathan: D12
Lizardman: D8


          Grimalkin (Jungle WerePanther): D10
          Shasa`Sebaru (Jungle WereTiger): D10
          Shasuru (Savanna Desert WereLion): D10
          Wiren (Forest WereCat): D10


          Wolden (Forest WereWolf): D10
          Worath (Dark Forest WereWolf): D10


     Norst`Kin (TimberWereWolf): D12


Microne: D4 -2   (Micrones can receive NO damage-points when leveling)
Minotaur, Common: D12
Mutant: D8
Quadrate: D8
Ratman: D4
Shallant: D6
ShapeChanger: D8
     Black-Sands Clan: D12
     Red-Sands Clan: D10
     White-Sands Clan: D8


Veleighen: D10
Zendahr: D6


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Damage-Points, Base:


     If you play using Base Damage‑Points, you will start out with damage‑points equal to your constitution. Every level you advance, add damage-points equal to your current constitution to the damage-points you currently have.


     Base Damage‑Points can also be found during game‑play, and will be further explained when you find something in the game that grants them (and come in the form of mental, physical or spiritual damage-points).


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