Modification-Points (M.P.):

     All newly created characters will start out with 3-D20 +9 modification-points.  As soon as you have rolled up these points, see the notes below for gaining additional modification-points as you advance in levels.


     At level 0 a character will start out with 3-D20 +9 Modification Points.


     With each level advanced thereafter, you will gain an additional  2-D6 modification-points, adding an additional +1 per 2 levels advanced above level #0


Example:                        Modification-Points:

At level #1:                     2-D6

At levels #2 and 3:        2-D6 +1

At levels 4 and 5:          2-D6 +2

At levels 6 and 7:          2-D6 +3

At levels 8 and 9:          2-D6 +4

At levels 10 and 11:      2-D6 +5

At levels 12 and 13:      2-D6 +6

At level 50:                     2-D6 +25


Humans will always gain an added bonus of: 1-D4 +1 additional modification-points per level.


See: "Modification-Points, Using" on the following page:


Modification-Points, Using:


     Modification-points are used to gain Abilities, Divine Favors, Spells and Trade-skills.  Within each of these will be the required "Modification-point cost:".  You can purchase whatever you like if you have enough modification-points, and if you meet the required "Prerequisites:" for each.


     At the creation of your character, you will not need a Guild Master to learn any of these.  After you finish the creation fo your character, every character will need to visit a Guild Hall in order to train.  Training will cost money.  Training will also take time to accomplish.



     "Guild Halls, Chance of locating:" in the G Section of the Basic Rules Book.

"Shops, Chance of locating certain:"


     The following are links which will take you to each section where you can use modification-points to buy up specific Abilities, Divine Favors, Spells and Trade-skills:


Links to Abilities, Divine Favors, Spells and Trade-skills:

Abilities (Adventurer: Levels 6+):         These are abilities and spells for the more

                                                                      weathered character.  Most all Seeker Abilities

                                                                      stack with Adventurer level abilities.

Abilities (Seeker: Levels 0 to 5):            These are pre-abilities and spells for the newly

                                                                      created character.


Divine Favors:                                          These are special abilities and powers, granted

                                                                     your character in return for services and

                                                                     devotion given to one or more Jahtha.


Trade-Skills:                                             These are trades learned and practiced (i.e.,

                                                                     Blacksmith, Fisherman, Hunter, Jeweler,

                                                                     Leather Worker, etc.


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