Topics to learn:

The following are a list of topics that you may wish to read up on:


Encounter checks

Get out the Regions Book and open it up to the region in that you are in.  Begin reading, from the start.


Record Sheet

Using the encounter sheet will help in the speed of each battle, should a clash of arms commence.  It takes a few minutes to fill out but will save a lot of time in the long run.  Use it.  Write in all the players statistics on the following stat sheet, and use the Creature Book for the encounters.  This combination will help in the flow of the game.  Once this method of processing encounters is mastered, game time will increase.  If the company has more members than the encounter sheet can hold, use another.  You have permission to photocopy the Character Record Sheet.  See: "Record Sheet" in the R section of the Basic Rules Book.


Encounter set-ups

When a creature encounter has been crossed, this is a good chart to roll on for diversity of reactions.


Creatures, Placement and attack methods of

All creatures will have some sort of intellect.  Judging upon a creatures intelligence, the G.M. will decide how each will act and move and fight.  Obviously a creature with little intelligence will not surround adventurers and systematically attack at the very critical weak points in the groups defense;  they are stupid.  Just hack and slash until its victim is defeated.  On the other hand creatures with higher intelligence will plot against the group with cunning expertise.  A few may attack while some hang back in the cover of a thicket, or wait in the shadows of an alcove, or under something (or in something!) until the very best possible advantage for it to attack comes along.



Be fair to your creatures as well as the group and play the creatures as if they want to live.  Indeed, it is their instinct to survive.  Read the following to see if the creatures encountered could possibly be smart enough to use their treasure items against the company.  See: "Initiatives", "Intelligence, Creatures", and "Wisdom, Creatures" in the I and W sections  of the Basic Rules Book


Dice, Minimizing the number rolled:


The next step to beginning combat is to roll initiative with the encounter.


Intelligence, Creatures

This is an important ruling.  Some creatures, based on their intelligence, will use certain items, comprehend the usage of potions, etc.