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Treasure Items, Determining:
     Roll on the "UnCommon Chart" for all newly rolled up characters that begin with one or more treasure items.

     Roll on one of the following charts, according to the rarity of the treasure you have discovered (i.e., Common, UnCommon, Rare, or Legendary treasure item types). It will tell you in the treasure item section of each creature sheet, etc., what rarity to roll for.


%Roll: Treasure Items (Rarities): "%Roll" added for your convenience (should you wish to roll a random item).

01-60:   Common

61-80:   UnCommon

81-98:   Rare

99-00:   Legendary



Below is an all-in-one list, should you need to roll up a 100% random treasure item:


%Roll: Specific Treasure Items:

01-08:   Armor: %Roll: Armor types:

                           01-10:  Enchanted

                           11-00:  Magical


09-16:   Artifacts

17-24:   Enchanted Items ---------------- General roll-charts installed. Use the PDF for specifics.

25-32:   Gems: %Roll: Gem types:

                           01-95:  Common

                           96-00:  Special


33-40:   Kits

41-48:   Money

49-56:   Non-Magical Items

57-64:   Oracles ------------------- Use the PDF for now . . .

65-71:   Other Valuable Items - Use the PDF for unfinished sections . . .

72-78:   Potions

79-85:   Relics

86-92:   Scrolls: %Roll: Scroll types: Note: Charts are not yet installed. Use the PDF for now.

                           01-60:   Ability / Spell: %Roll: Scroll types:

                                                                 01-50:   Adventurer (levels 6th+)

                                                                 51-00:   Seeker (levels 0 to 5th)


                           61-65:   Divine Favor

                           66-70:   Language

                           71-75:   Protection

                           76-80:   Rune Scroll (casts/invokes when read aloud).

                           81-85:   Secret Scroll (this is similar to Secrets in the Wilderness).

                           86-90:   Seeker Ability

                           91-95:   Trade-Skill: Roll a random Trade-Skill

                           96-00:   Weapon Proficiency


93-00:   Weapons: %Roll: Weapon types:

                               01-10:   Enchanted

                               11-00:   Magical