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Author's note:

This project is MASSIVE, so please have patience with me as I get it together. At times, I sit back and just release everything in my mind, wait ten minutes, then get back to it. I have truly created a MONSTER. Return to top




November: REFRESH (F5 ON YOUR KEYBOARD) if you don't see any of the listed additions, changes and updates (or clear your cache history). Return to top


Quick-Peeks: Note: If it has no link (not blue), no updates have been done on it yet.

Abilities and Spells

Basic Rules Book

Character Sheet

Character Abilities and Spells

Creating the Character Book

Creatures Book

Divine Favors

Misc. fixes and tweaks

Plants and Organics Book


Regions Book

Trade-Skills Book

Treasure Book





































































Abilities and Spells:


Healer: "Relieve Sprain" added to spell-list.






























































































Basic Rules Book:


Author's Notes:

1. In regards to weapons: I've increased the bonus damage of Leather, Steel and Wood.


Poison, Random Determination of: This chart will be made.


Sites: Fixed up sites to be more easily read.

Steel Alloys, Weapon Damage Adjustments for: Doubled the damage bonus for Shank-Steel alloy and better. Underlined the header of the random roll chart for easier reading.

Weapons, Enchanted: +4 damage per rank is now given (instead of the normal +2) and Weapons, Magical: +2 damage per rank is now given (instead of the normal +1).














































































Character Abilities and Spells:



Character Abilities and Spells: Fate (Seeker and Adenturer Powers are DONE on the site.

If you see a mistake, please let me know. This was from October, but I'm leaving it here is a marker as what I've acomplished.






















































Character Sheet:


Character Sheet: I'm redisigning it to have all the best of all the character sheets had since 1987. So far this character sheet has 10 pages. In doing this, I'm hoping you will find using the new character sheet much easier.


Avoidance-Rolls: Fixed the explanations of each to be read easier. (thanks Kronus).


Added a few Avoidance-Rolls as was needed. They are listed in the latest version of the (big) charactersheet.


1. Characteristics have been split, so you will have to roll up more stats (that can never be bad).

The changes to the Character Sheet are as follows:




Sense of Smell

Sixth Sense






This characteristic has been broken down into 2 characteristics as follows:


Charisma Perceptions:




Now Avoidance-Rolls vs. "Awareness" will be more specific vs. what a character needs to be aware of.


The Sixth Sense is new and is being currently test-played. Drop a note in my email should you come upon anything you think might be a needed addition to Sixth Sense.


See: Printables


































































Creating the Character:


Other Significant Features: Destruction, "Anti-Matter" has been fixed. There are a few more to do, so I will leave this here during November as a bookmark on where I left off.
















































































Divine Favors:





























































































Misc. Fixes and Touch-Ups:


A typo fixed in the healers spells. The basic headers were the same, and so was confusing to players. Thank for the heads up Jinx










































































Regions Book:



Talisur Talisman: This needs to be completed as there are other aspects to this one Talisman needed. This is a reminder. Trevor, where are you? Please write me if you are out there.

















































































Alchemy is being worked on.

Apothecary will be worked on this month - among other things.


Geological Studies




































































Treasure Book:


Updating and organizing "Weapons, Enchanted" This is still on the front burner, though it will take a bit of time. Use the PDF for Enchanted Weapons for now.


Currently working on:

Enchanted Arrows


Weapons, Enchanted: +4 damage per rank is now given (instead of the normal +2).

                                      Enchanted Arrow transfered from the PDF: Fire, Flare,  


Weapons, Magical: +2 damage per rank is now given (instead of the normal +1).











































































Weapons Book:
















































































































































































































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