Guardians of Utaemia:


Concerning this gaming system, and the transfer of the PDF into site pages:

1.  If you can't find the information you need on these site pages, use the PDF (for now).


2.  DO NOT READ ALL THE RULES and THE BOOKS. Treat game information as

     REFERENCE MATERIALS to be looked up during game-play.


3.  The Creating the Character book is a step-by-step creation and personalization of your

     character's persona and background (this one book will evolve consistently over time).


     Click the top link in this book (the rest is self explanatory). This will be the only book you

      need to read up on and follow from beginning to end.


4.  The Creating the Character book is NOT in alphabetical order, but is a step by step book for

     the creation of characters).  All books (but this one) are set up as their own index

     (alphabetical by subject).


5.  This table-top FRPG will always evolve, yet remain in final draft.


6.  Requests for content to be added from the Cluster Book are always welcome.


7.  Links, and cross-links, will make navigation easy in order to freely navigate the thousands of

     pages and sections in this gaming system.


     If you think a cross-link would be handy to get you somewhere in the books quickly, email

     me at: selman247-at -gmail- dot -com.



What is Guardians of Utaemia?


     Guardians of Utaemia is a Table-Top FANTASY ROLE PLAY GAME (FRPG). Within the realm of Utaemia, players act out the persona of a fictional character as a designated “Game Master” narrates the occurrences and instances during game-play.

      In this new FRPG, you will be free to build a system of trade and commerce within the safety of fortified civilizations, or explore the untamed regions of Utaemia, a world granting high adventure to those bold enough to brave its wilds.

     In the world of Utaemia, you can possess many different circles of knowledge and power, or follow a direct path to glory, studying but one circle of knowledge. The choice is based on the desires you have to mold your character as you wish.

     As a skilled warrior, you wield a blade with skill, as well as manipulate the elements of air, earth, fire and water. You also possess the indepth skills needed to heal yourself and allies, as well as skillfully survive in the wilds. Indeed, your studies have advanced you in many paths of power, power unmatched by those of an ancient and fading world.

     Learn dozens of various Trade-Skills, ranging from Weapon-Smith, Armorer, Black Smith, and many other trades of interest. If you possess the affinity for nature, there is Hunter, Trapper, Mapping and Riding skills to be learned. If you seek the mysteries of the unknown, there is Alchemy, Geological Study, Herbalist and Tracker. Challenging Trade-Skills can be undertaken as well, like the adventurous Sailor. Become the ever daring Survivalist, who can master the basic needs of life with nothing but the shirt on his or her back.

     In Guardians of Utaemia, choose your destiny within the world of Utaemia. Experience adventure that will test you to your limits, leading you to glory, power, or your eternal demise.


     The following picture illustrates a typical dungeon scenario to give you a visual of what type of gaming system Guardians of Utaemia is.


Dungeons Battle SetiP


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Guardians of Utaemia Information:

     The following information will change as I put this together, and will take some time. The books have been created and cross-referenced to create endless possiblities. Example: I've spent the last 20 years building a random charting system to create a random cave system. In putting this much time into writing it, it randomly yields endless types of cave structures, from simple and small, to seemingly endless (very few caves rolled up, using this charting system, end up identical).

     So, listing all this information will be a daunting, mountainous task, even for me. Frankly, I cannot possibly give you a 100% accurate description. It will, however, give you a very basic and general idea of the content within Guardians of Utaemia.


     A + to the right of the number indicates there are more results within the gaming system that will icrease the number shown (these are discovered during game-time).

     A ++ to the right of the number indicates there are even more results within the gaming system that will icrease the number shown (these are discovered during game-time as well).


Abilities and spells: 514++

Artwork: There are about 800 illustrations. This gaming system needs a minimum of 15,000 illustrations. At this point, the books seem lacking in artwork, but they are in the pages. I'm sure this will take me some time to complete. By then, I may just be a halfway decent artist. This is why I buy original illustrations from others. Not only will this speed up the process, but will give others premanent recognition for their talent.


Basic Rules Book: 1,200 pages/sections.

Cluster Books: 6. A total of 3,000 pages, an average of 11 ideas on each page (there is a pool of 38,800 ideas I take from to build Guardians of Utaemia).


Creatures: 1,200+

Divine Favors: 43+ Note: I've been working on a list of these, which will soon be installed into the game. When this list reaches about 300, it will be a complete starting list.


For Sale?: No. I am interested in creating an MMO (massively multi-player online) system based on Guardians of Utaemia, or gaining the assistance of a publishing company. However, this would be much more focused on fun and fantasy, rather than money (as are all MMOs today). If such a project were launched, I would insist on being the content writer (I know what players like, and what thrills them). Also, deadlines would destroy this project, so that would have to be toned down.


Idea Conception Date: March 5th, 1987 (5:17:20pm). I've kept this project a secret for many years, waiting for software to be advanced enough to house the massive pool of content within this game. Finally, it has happened.


Level Cap: None.

Linear: Non-Linear.

Pages/Sections: 33,000+

Plants: 46+ Note: I've been working on a pool of plants, which will be installed in the near future. This is one of the last sections which need critical attention, as it directly effects the Trade-Skill, "Alchemy" (as well as other aspects of the game).


Races: 43+

Regions: 40 Note: The regions are actually the most tedious to create. They are in-depth and painstaking to finish. It takes as average of 2-3 months of focus to finish one. Even then, it is only a shadow of what it will turn out to be in the end.


Trade-Skills: 32

Treasure Items: 10,000++ There is really no way to get an accurate count on the number of treasure items this game can produce, as the treasure book is set up to create unlisted items, as well as numerous variations of a type of item. 10,000++ was placed here to help you understand that the results in this book are seemingly endless.