My Games:

     Since 2006, I've spent more than an average of 12 hours a day editing, organizing, compiling and book marking the PDF files for "Guardians of Utaemia", at the same time, writing a number of short stories, four novels, and creating other games.


Guardians of Utaemia:

     Over the past 24 years, this gaming system has steadily evolved into the largest fantasy role-play game ever build in the history of the earth.

     Prove me wrong.

     I’m not bragging. I’m making a point. The point is, I've spent countless hours making sure my works are not only rich in content, but appropriate enough to have your wonderful parents and grandparents join in on the fun without being offended.

     My games are designed to be expanded, all the while remaining in final draft.

     Yes, they are battle systems. No, I do not dwell 100% on fighting and battles in my works. There must be a logical balance, or I become that which permeates the web, and stores, in all its abundance.


     I continuously add content into all the games I create. I have 10 more finished board games that will be added to this site in the future as follows:




     Family interactive



     Puzzle (the likes of which has never been published).

     Science fiction


     The best thing about these games and stories is, you don't have to purchase anything to enjoy them.

     I do not release watered down versions of anything I do.  I know my site doesn't look perfect. I know my art is not top quality.

     I don't care to join with investors to produce a perfect visual of my works at the expenditure of quality and content (just to "riot the kids to buy").


     I've had a few offers to help me out on this project. But, from what I've seen out there, littering all the shelves, is a road I will not travel.  To exploit women at every turn to make sales is pretty sick minded.  There is something mentally wrong with people who do such things.  Besides, I don't want to work on the pressure of a deadline -- it kills creativity.


     It seems most all have forgotten how thrilled people get when they find an intangible wall, a secreted panel, behind which lies a labyrinth, or something that teases and boggles the mind (without being linear).

     I find the look on players faces priceless when they are not killed by an enemy, but captured and made into slaves (and must find a way out of their predicament). Such instances enhance game-play beyond what today's generation experience.

     The sad reality is, those who play games today have no idea what has been thrown out, lost and nearly forgotten.

     Is is my desire to show you all that gaming is not just hack-n-slash. There is a entire universe out there to enjoy -- so why are we merely killing things, and exploiting women?

     I miss that aspect of fun, which is the soul reason I began creating games (not to contend with others, but to keep alive that which has been lost). The gaming companies of today don't have the talent, or the will to focus on anything but their god -- the "holy dollar" (by which they are enslaved, and of their own choice).

     It seems every game-maker and gaming company out there has lost their sense of creativity; traded it for the manic drive for money. They settle on releasing the same things out into the public year after year, just reorganized to look new, different (they are focusing on money, not thrilling their fans -- which is sad, because if you thrill your customer, the money will always follow).  If these manic inventors and CEOs would get a clue, they would see their sales increase steadily.


     No, I will not associate my works with most companies, if any. I am truly happy doing what I'm doing now, here, in the warmth of my own home (no deadlines, no pressure, just good, wholesome inventing).

    Enjoy. I wish you, your family and friends all the best. God bless you all.