I've played this game since it first came out on my birthday, March 16, 1999.  I was so hooked on it.  It was the leading game of its time.



Great source of content.  This game has a multitude of secrets within its realm.  I love to explore far and wide.  Wonderful content.



At about the 1 year mark, after this massively multi player online (MMO) game was released, the company, which has taken a huge financial risk in creating the MMO, seemed to no longer care to make money. They did this by nerfing many aspects of their game, highly frustrating players, who soon hung it up. They began to contend against the players in every aspect by countering little niches in the game the players figured out.  It's no wonder they were forced to go free-to-play.  They dug themselves into a hole so badly they have no choice -- which is funny, because I didn't know the corporation was actually playing the game (against the players).  Very DUMB.  Geniuses without the wisdom to know when to back off and let their players (their source of income) enjoy the downtime.  Then, instead of fixing and expanding their world, they made a part 2, which flopped horribly (trying to be like World of Warcraft failed miserably).  And now they are going to release a #3?  I'll definitely skip that one.


Here's a good one: The makers of games cater to the 2% of the complaining populace in order to appease them and keep their business.  Yet, in the process of attempting to keep EVERY person playing their game, they frustrate the other 98%. It doesn't make sense.  Let the 2% go.



You never know what is going on with a patch.  Oh, they do give you patch notes, but only a small portion of what the patch actually implements.  they like to sneak nerfs on you with each patch (as well as bug your system so they can track you for marketing purposes).  It's very frustrating to suddenly have your "buffs" only last half the time they usually do, or abilities suddenly vanish. I talked about getting more RAM in my machine (within a couple hours, i had spam emails attempting to sell me RAM).




I thought, "What the heck, I'll give it a try.  Maybe SOE has come to their senses."


They released the "original" EQ. It wasn't quite the same, but close.  I enjoyed for a while.  It felt good. I felt EQ had taken a turn for the better. They didn't make things easy, by any means, but they were doing an excellent job at fixing issues, and giving us all the sense of the old school EQ.  I was loving it.  Even though this game was not graphically superior to the other "flash-in-the-pan" games out there, it had more content than all the other MMOs combined. I got frustrated at times, but was content to know this was the last of a free-style MMO.  If there's a risk losing something (i.e., a level) in-game, the victories are more sweet. What I loved the most was there were far less ENTITLED players in the game -- more unity.


I still disliked the boats not working as they used to. I despise the translocators and pok books.  The spires are okay, because you have to wait for the port to Luclin.  This does not kill the ability for druids and wizards to make a living, giving others teleports and translocations ("for donations").


Time has passed . . .


The final straw that broke my back:

So, EQ introduced Henchmen.  You can purchase their services.  I like it, seeming most every player in the MMO genre have decided to discontinue communicating one with the other (unless it's in anger, pride, etc.).


But the most disturbing thing about EQ now, is that, if you hire henchmen, you better stay at your keyboard and play, or R.I.P. (a GM) will take control of your characters and move him into a killing zone (kill your character as punishment for not being at your keyboard playing).  I left my keyboard for 10 minutes.  When I came back, my rogue was running through a dungeon causing every creature to attack me on the way.  No one else was in the dungeon, so it wasn't like I was dominating other players and taking their areas.  I am very careful of other players to the point that I will either help them out, or move out of the area until they are done.  I quickly did a / enter and found only one other in the dungeon (the G.M., R.I.P.).

   Being a paying customer, I was furious.  So, I canceled my account and whacked all my characters, but not before I wrote in feedback, and a letter to SOE, telling them I would never play their system again.


It's too bad as well, because they have the most diverse content of all the games out there.  In fact, if you put all the games out on the web together, EQ wipes them out with content.  Pretty sad.  I thought I finally found my game.  I even bought SC (credits to buy new mounts and character slots, etc.).  NOT ANY MORE.  I'm 100% done with them.  It's too bad they had to intrude.  The most disturbing thing about all this was that they took control of my computer system to kill my characters.  IF they can do that, they can look at my files too.  They need to keep their filthy hands out of my computer.  I will no longer support them in any way shape or form.  Good riddance SOE, you really should get your heads on straight; lose the ignorant pride.  You won't be up and running for long if you keep that up.


G.M. Assistance:

If you ask for a GM online, you never get an answer.  But the GMs will come and kill your characters if you step away from your keyboard to get a bite to eat.  YOU GOT IT WRONG.  Farewell, and happy failure to you.  I've told numerous people to stay clear of you, and I'll always campaign against your "services".


I thought you had woke up and were actually trying; learning from your many past failures.  I was having a blast.  Not again.