World of Warcraft:



This game has THE BEST controls of any game I've every played.

There are no zone boundaries, with the exception of instances (dungeons you enter into), and yet very easy on the graphics card.



You can't round up creatures in a wide radius.  They only run so far and then run back.  If they are wounded, they instantly heal up.


Immature players dancing in their underwear and inappropriately texting sexual messages to each other.  What a waste of fantasy.  Loser game.



Patches are constant, and you never know what to expect.



A while back, after a patch, Hunters became extremely overpowered. My friends all came to the conclusion that one of the programmers, or a CEO, suddenly had a girl or boyfriend who loves the Hunter class.  Just trying to please the partner eh?


Wrath of the Lich King proved Blizzard has lost their touch.  Blizzard, in a short description: They now suck worse than all the others.