My Little Soapbox:

The following is a list of my personal opininons concerning MMOs released out into the public.


As a player, I have quite a few opinions on why MMOs are steadily declining in number, and why they are losing thousands of players daily.


My games

My dream of a Guardians of Utaemia MMO


A little Test you can do


I guarantee I could go into ANY of these MMOs and turn their games around to make them a world of money, and within a short, easy 3 months. I'm not bragging, just telling it like it is.  I suppose a CEO, or a programmer, would scoff at what I just said.  But, the track record shows they don't know squat about keeping people coming back.  Duh....


Many used to play MMO games, until they became consistently frustrated.  Their design in playing a game is to relax and have some fun in a world that DOES NOT CHANGE EVERY TIME THEY LOG IN. These games are played less and less nowadays.  They simply change too much, and not for the better. Interest has been simply lost.