As you and your comrades enter the musky dungeon corridor, you hold up your fist, signaling a halt. Even though you have never been in this dark place, you sense something . . . different.

In silence, you scan the ancient, subterranean hall, spotting a few snails slowly trailing across the damp stone. You notice many evenly spaced sconces lining the walls on each side, each appearing as a golden dragon with a raised head, a burning torch set within a mouth filled with razor-crafted teeth. You study each sconce thoroughly for a time, noticing something slightly different about the one above you. The lead knight shoots you a grim look, narrowing his eyes.

"What do you sense, thief?" Annoyed, you ignore the question and slowly reach up to the nearest dragon-sconce, wrapping your fingers around it. Gently, you pull. Without much resistance, the golden dragon-sconce pulls away from the wall, followed by a noisy boom that echoes loudly in the wall on the opposite side of the hallway. Your entire company moves back, readying themselves for the worst, and cursing their bad luck. The healer in the group growls at you darkly.

          "Are you trying to get us killed?" You ignore the remark, hiding a sly grin as a panel grates open noisily in the wall to reveal a hidden compartment.

          In the many times you've entered such structures, you've seen levers such as this, and, when activated, they occasionally yielded something useful -- a secret passageway, maps, scrolls, and occasionally . . . a stash of treasure! This time, it seems you've hit the jackpot! A pile of silver and gold coins, littered with strange items, glitter in the light of the torch.



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