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The following links are set to show off each artist’s personal artwork. The artists who have donated their illustrations to Challengergames.Net have a page dedicated to the illustrations they have personally created (along with their contact information, should they wish to be contacted by an art scout).


Author’s Illustrations

Jarshen (Evolution) Dragon, Hunter

Jarshen (from the game, "Evolution")    Dragon, Hunter (from the game (Guardians of Utaemia)

              (Click the top-left city)


Donated Illustrations

MulikOrganic, Cretin, Earth

Brandon McCullah (Mulik)                      Jerry Day (Organic, Cretin, Earth)


Fire SwordArdinnin

Josh Johns (Fire Sword)                            Todd Harris (Ardinnin) Todd Harris's personal Site.



Trevor Andrews (Wastelands)


Offspring Illustrations


Elizabeth (age: 8 (Dagger)                       Emma (age: 2 (Circles)


Jonathan (age: 5) (Orange Worm)                       Spencer (age: 11) (Bullet, Wanted!)


Submitting your illustrations:


If you wish to showcase your talent to the world, submit your request directly to the Author at: selman247 - at - Gmail - dot - com. If accepted, I will email you further details on how you can proceed.


Okay, so what should I submit?: This is up to you. Just open up any game and pick something, but remember to keep the original safely tucked away. You can use pen, pencil, water color, paint, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable doing.


Illustration guidelines:


1. No nudity. No top-heavy females. Keep the proportions as realistic as possible. Do not add breasts to armor. Such artwork is absurdly unrealistic. Remember, this is not Hollywood (in other words keep your mind out of the gutter and be sensible).


2. Cartooning is a way of making light of things, and is welcome.


3. No "jap animation". I have nothing against such art, but it’s just not the theme of what I do.


4. “But, Mike, I’m not that good.” Ah, just have some fun with it. I’m not that good either. The fact is, we love to draw, it’s fun. We all get better the more we practice. It just takes time and patience. This is no contest.


Submission guidelines:


This will be explained in the email I send you.


Some information you will find useful:

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